Which Motorcycle Security Alarm fits your needs?

With the competing technologies approximately known as technologies its difficult to find out which is the best for your bike protection. Bike thieves now don’t need to start your bike to steal it they’ve been picking them up and putting them within the backs of trucks rendering your motorcycle security alarm useless.

The Lo-Jack motorcycle home security system has been around since 1984 and is dependant on Loran-C Technology. To operate it takes that the police vehicle is outfitted having a special radio receiver to trace the signal released through the Lo-Jack product. Lo-Jack functions by emitting and FM based homing signal. A homing receiver signifies the direction only from the homing signal it can’t determine the actual location. as an example the receiver cannot know if the homing system is 10 ft or perhaps a mile away. Lo-Jack can also be restricted to a couple of counties in roughly 26 markets across the country. Lo-Jack can also be restricted to whichever town within individuals markets which have their devices operational around the police vehicles.

Cycle Safeguard

Cycle Safeguard is most likely a significantly more powerful motorcycle security alarm. It’s a wireless data, Gps navigation device. Physically the Cycle Safeguard is slightly bigger compared to Phantom Tracker and needs exterior antennas which could clearly be viewed around the motorcycle. The position of the antennas means they are susceptible to tampering and disabling with a could be crook.

Throughout an alarm event the Cycle Safeguard device text pre-designated telephone number. Then the owner must reach a pc with a web connection, connect to the Cycle Safeguard website, enter passwords after which is going to be proven the position of the motorcycle. The dog owner then call the neighborhood police and request assistance to find the motorcycle. There’s no answering services company to alert the dog owner and police of the thievery even neither is crash recognition readily available for the product.

Scorpio Motorcycle Alarm

The Scorpio products offering is really a two-way FM motorcycle home security system employing a miniature handheld receiver. It operates by the dog owner arming the motorcycle after which when the motorcycle is moved the Scorpio alarm around the motorcycle transmits an invisible signal towards the transceiver which vibrates emitting a beeping noise. Although Scorpio claims ranges as much as one mile this is dependant on a obvious type of sight. Trees, structures, automobiles, elevation changes along with other obstacles diminish functional selection of the unit.

There’s no recovery feature with this particular offering when the motorcycle is stolen the usage of the unit is completed.

Traditional Wheel Locks, Fork Locks, and Chain Locks

These items have been in existence as lengthy as motorcycles have been in existence. They are doing offer some protection by immobilizing the motorcycle however they have limits for their effectiveness. Wheel locks which generally affix to the leading rotor from the motorcycle have obtained lots of attention recently, however since a lot of motorcycles are stolen by picking them up and putting them right into a truck, wheel tresses are ineffective in these instances. You have to fork locks which lock the leading forks from the motorcycle right into a switched position, obtaining the motorcycle would render this ineffective too.

Chain locks work nicely during these situations when the motorcycle is chained to some stationary object however stationary objects aren’t always obtainable in all locations.

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