Public Transport or Car: What Should You Ride?

Most people have jobs that are away from their homes. They have to commute either through private or public transport. For many years, commuters have been discussing whether it is better to take public transportation or a private car to get around.

 This article will discuss and compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two.

Public transportation

You can find public transportation everywhere, and it is usually a practical way to get around. But considering other things, is riding public transportation better than riding a private vehicle?

Advantages of riding a public transport vehicle

  • Cost-effective. Generally, riding public transportation is cheaper than owning a car. Riding a vehicle means you have to pay for gas, spend money on regular maintenance, parking, car wash, and many more. On the other hand, riding public transport only requires paying a small amount for the fare.
  • Eco-friendly. Riding public transport, like buses and trains, is less harmful to the environment. People can ride easily, which reduces carbon emission per head. Today, some trains are also friendlier to the environment as they are electrically powered.

Aside from these two advantages, you can also relax when you get on public transport. You don’t have to focus on the road, so you might as well take a nap when you ride one.

Disadvantages of riding public transportation

  • Most public vehicles have routes to follow. They don’t go everywhere, just like when you ride a train or a bus. Sometimes, you still have to walk a little before reaching your destination, like the subway or terminal.
  • They are time-sensitive. You need to catch the public transport vehicle on time as they are time-sensitive. It means that you can get to most places riding them, but they aren’t always available, so you have to plan ahead.

Private transportation

For some people, driving their cars is better than riding public transport. Indeed, there are many advantages of riding a private vehicle, but there are also drawbacks to consider.

Advantages of riding your car

  • Time-saving. Driving your car to get around will allow you to save time waiting for a public transport vehicle to arrive.
  • Ride anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to wait the next day to catch a ride or get off at several stops to reach your destination. A private car also allows you to go anywhere.

Disadvantages of driving your car

  • You have to take care of your car to ensure it is safe to ride. You can choose an RAC approved garage for your car maintenance and repairs to make the most of your expenses.

Another option

To enjoy the advantages of the two, choose carpooling. Aside from saving on gas, this mode of transport will also allow you to relax during the commute. Just like driving your car, carpooling can get you anywhere and anytime.


All things considered, both modes of transportation have their unique advantages and disadvantages. For instance, taking public transport to get around is way more cost-effective than driving a private vehicle. However, they have a limitation. Meanwhile, driving your car can be costly but allows more freedom.


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